Discover Your Unique Astrological Blueprint To Unleash Your Authentic Self Through Astrology.


Oh, Hi… I AM SARAH. 

An international speaker and founder of Astrology for Entrepreneurs. I aim to empower high-level entrepreneurs to identify and leverage their unique geniuses for maximum impact. My mission is to invite you to see yourself from a higher perspective, free from debilitating self-judgments so you can more effectively share your gifts with the world.

Whether you are brand new to astrology or you have been studying it for quite some time, I have found over the last 15 years how to masterfully apply astrology into your business and life. I’ve been able to guide my own clients through a very specific process that enables them to transcend their limitations and finally step into the version of themselves that they’ve been yearning to become.

Get results fast.
My process is simple


Discover your
Astrological Blueprint.

Your birth chart reveals the powerful combination of traits, strengths, and abilities that only you have to offer.


Gain clarity on
what isn’t working.

Together, we’ll address your specific professional setbacks and use astrological tools and principles to overcome them.


Get into action

You and I will co-create an action plan that leads you to achieve your business goals. I’ll support you in implementing it each step of the way.


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about astrology… packed into one online course. Discover ground-breaking insights about yourself, your path, and your purpose. 


Ready to scale? Let’s work one-on-one. I can’t wait to show you what’s possible for your business with astrology. Book a reading. 


Does your life seem like chaos? Use this guide to understand your true path from the wisdom of your north node. 

Ready to gain more clarity, confidence, and ease in your decision making? 

It’s encoded in your astrological chart… and it’s the key to your biggest breakthrough yet.
Discover your authentic self through astrology.