I’m a scorpio.

I’m Sarah Nelson

I’m glad you are here. 

I believe everyone deserves to have the tools to create massive growth and acceleration
in their life AND It should be affordable, easy to understand and FUN!

Whether you are brand new to astrology or you have been studying it for quite some time,
I have found over the last 15 years how to masterfully apply astrology into your business and life.
In recent years, I’ve been able to guide my own clients through a very specific process  that enables them to transcend their limitations and finally step into the version of themselves that they’ve been yearning to become.

My students often marvel at the fact that astrology “works” for them when nothing else has.
That’s because there is profound wisdom in this timeless art.
Wisdom that virtually every culture around the world has known about
for thousands of years, yet that modern science brushes aside.

If you’re ready to defeat your inner demons…
Discover your unique gifts, strengths, and abilities…
And align with the purpose that you were born for… 

Then I can show you how to do all of this and more.


You see, I used to be someone who struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin…

Who wandered through life without any real sense of direction or purpose. I looked for help in the places most people look.
And like most people I didn’t see the results I wanted.
I was fed up, frustrated, and tired of getting nowhere.

Can you relate?

By chance I stumbled upon an astrology horoscope
and for the first time in my life, something clicked for me.
I couldn’t believe I was saying it at the time, but astrology had the answers that conventional tools didn’t.
It went completely against everything I thought I knew.

You see, I was a skeptic, and I didn’t want to believe that some ancient tool could help me in ways that modern tools couldn’t.

But the results spoke for themselves.
I started feeling more confident, discovered that I had special gifts I didn’t know I had, and learned that my life had a very specific purpose.

I started using these gifts to better the lives of others, and I found meaning in making a real difference.

I felt like I’d stumbled upon a secret that was too good to be true… and I knew I had a responsibility to share it with the world.

That’s why I founded, Astrology for Entrepreneurs.
I realized that business owners need astrology. 

That is, they need help standing out and serving in bigger, more authentic ways. It’s been my absolute joy to coach business owners to do just that.  I believe everyone can benefit from this sacred science, and I look forward to sharing it with you!



My Official Bio…

Celebrated international speaker and founder of Astrology for Entrepreneurs, empowering high-level entrepreneurs to identify and leverage their unique geniuses for maximum impact. Sarah invites others to see themselves from a higher perspective, freeing them from debilitating self-judgments so they can effectively share their gifts with the world.

Sarah guides entrepreneurs to identify and leverage their unique set of personality features and skills for maximum impact and revenue in their businesses. She is a sought-after coach whose intuitive and scientific approach activates capable, self-reflective leaders into their highest potential.

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